Welcome to the Primpy Fidelity Program

From September 1 to October 31, by joining the Primpy Fidelity Program, you can buy PRIMPY PPX Token at the affordable price.

About Primpy

What is Primpy?

PRIMPY is the first digital platform based on blockchain technology dedicated to the world of fashion.
A social network, a magazine, a marketplace where you can buy also with cryptocurrency. An innovative social tool, an ecosystem in which shoppers, shops, designers, influencers, photographers, hairdressers, stylists, make-up artists, models coexist, with the dynamics typical of social networks, all this is PRIMPY!
PRIMPY gives life to a flow in which all parties can do business and benefit.
It also offers a showcase for small and medium enterprises, as a valid alternative to those of the big fashion players.


The Primpy project was developed as a response to the problems that, in today’s market, must be addressed by all parts of the fashion system: from retail to influencers, to e-commerce.
Our task is to offer the fashion ecosystem, on a worldwide basis, the most significant and decentralized tool that can create a significant competitive advantage for all the parts, thanks to the support that it provides to the consumer in his daily choices.

What is the PPX token?

The PPX token is a cryptocurrency that can also be used for transactions within the platform. The choice to accept also the digital currency implies an advantage in satisfying the different demands of the market.
Fashion companies can finally open the door to the innovative crypto-currency system, obtaining significant returns on investment and executing transactions without risk to the user.
Coiners can finally access real spending opportunities.

PPX is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard and can be converted to ETH/FIAT CURRENCY in the free market. PPXs are sold through an IEO, effective September 2019. By purchasing one of the PPX packages in the Fidelity Program during the Private Token Sale you will have the opportunity to purchase our Utility Token at a special price: the more you invest, the greater the discount on the value of the token.
PPX tokens will be burned every time they are used to access the platform’s services, creating a scarcity system that will reward those who keep the tokens for as long as possible.

Choose the package and discover the advantages

Start building your future with Primpy. Be one of the first premium users of the platform and
get bonuses for the platform development. Depending on your status, the bonuses will grow.



500 €

If you subscribe now
you will get 5% pre-sale
bonus with a total of

580 PPX

Bring a friend and get
an additional 5% bonus*.

*Offer not subject to expiration



1.000 €

If you subscribe now
you will get 10% pre-sale
bonus with a total of

1.210 PPX

Bring a friend and get
an additional 10% bonus*.

*Offer not subject to expiration



5.000 €

If you subscribe now
you will get 15% pre-sale
bonus with a total of

6.600 PPX

Bring a friend and get
an additional 15% bonus*.

*Offer not subject to expiration



10.000 €

If you subscribe now
you will get 20% pre-sale
bonus with a total of

13.750 PPX

Bring a friend and get
an additional 20% bonus*.

*Offer not subject to expiration



Aren’t satisfied with any of the projects?
Contact us. A PRIMPY consultant will call you to create a package tailored to you.

By buying Fidelity Programs, you buy unique opportunity to earn money within the platform.

What is Blockchain?

  • The Blockchain is a ledger open to all, a kind of public register. Information about this ledger is recorded in blocks. These are linked together in the order in which they were created and connected using encryption that binds them in a virtually unmodifiable way. Simplifying: the Blockchain is used to record events and make sure that that recording is never deleted or modified again.
This feature makes it particularly useful in situations where two or more subjects want to make a deal, but not knowing each other, they may not trust each other. The Blockchain goes beyond these limits and allows us today to create new relationships based on trust and certainty of transactions.

 The advantages of Blockchain in the world of fashion

Blockchain and fashion within the PRIMPY platform are connected in several respects that relate:

  • Intellectual Property – The most obvious and immediate use of the blockchain in fashion is related to the originality of the product. The microchips that adopt the blockchain system can provide the customer with absolute certainty of the originality of the garment by unmasking not only the imitations but also detecting the place of production and providing the history of the production chain.
  • Supply Chain and Transparency – The Blockchain system not only provides the place of origin and production of a given item but is also able to indicate under what conditions and even how much it has been paid.
  • Security Assurance – Blockchain technology can provide more security and therefore gain more confidence from a brand by its access to all data in the supply chain through the Crypto-Tag system.
  • Privacy and security that translates into the highest confidentiality of health information.
  • Limited access to population data.
  • Protection against fraud or abuse.


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